AI on Instagram: an application receives a Meta chatbot with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming a social network. After running tests with Meta AI on WhatsApp, Today, Facebook is releasing your chatbot for Instagram so users can find and get ideas for creating unique content.

Meta AI is currently restricted to certain English-speaking countries and can be accessed using Instagram's search bar, similar to WhatsApp. Once opened, Meta AI suggests that it may please him, but the user can freely interact with it like he is in a conversation with a friend.

To work, a Meta AI uses an LLM Llama 2 from the own Meta, which is not yet able to match ChatGPT, but it should be somehow possible with a Llama 3 which is already in development.

This form, the Meta AI gives some suggestions for content creation, regarding ChatGPT literally for all user work.

If you are in an English-speaking country, this is precisely a test of the beta version of Instagram to have the possibility of using Meta AI, then you will have to select those who can use this new random shape function.

Fortunately, it takes a long time to work while Meta AI searches in more countries, but the chatbot needs to be launched in the current version before launching in more regions.

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