Apple may be prompted to allow user to uninstall Photos app from iPhone

The European Union may force Apple to allow users You can uninstall a photos app on iPhone. Information was confirmed by representatives of the Comissão Europeia.

The second John Gruber, Executive Vice President of the Commission, Margrethe Vestager, said that Apple must allow users to uninstall any application, including even those that belong to the system.

This is one of the requirements for a Company of inquiries at the Lei de Mercados Digitaisbecause the idea of ​​the European Union allows the user to enjoy an alternative gallery or also use Google Fotos, for example.

But this requirement may be easier in theory, and practice can be very useful to Apple developers. This is why the photos app is very integrated into iOS.

It is not used as a gallery, but also as a camera role and as an iCloud source for arming and sharing photos and videos.

Therefore, many analysts accredit that, even if they are mentioned nominally, the application of photos maintains its current status, once a great complexity of withdrawal can “comfort” the directors of the European Commission.

The ability to delete the Photos app may be the most problematic one you'd hope for, but it's also possible to remove potential data loss and serious security breaches.

The Commission must also guide Apple towards its best way school board of browsers inside iOSalem to tax a option that allows you to install terceiros lojas.

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