Beats Solo 4 can be used by Apple with a 50-hour battery, USB-C port and more

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A Apple I can finally announce a new model of ouvido phone from the Beats brand. Trata-to be done Bat Solo 4that I have to wait 7 years after his ancestor and I was ate I accept the previous rumors. Clean up, o gate 9to5Mac Traz algumas novas informações a respeito dos novos recursos de futuro de dispositivo.

One of the two remedies that must be part of the new product is the Dynamic head tracking, which aims to aprimorar or use the audio space. On the other hand, the model must be an acrescimo in the power of its reproduction for him, and there will be new drivers and acoustic rebalancing. But, as new things should not be ficar só nisso.

That's why the cell phone charging port also needs to be changed, it is also compatible with micro-USB for USB-C. After carrying the model, the cabo can also be used to use the model to listen to your music at the same time. Likewise, you will have a 3.5mm connection to use the most traditional cable of this type of device.

You can also mention that your phone will be supported quickly with Android devices and then support “Find my» by Apple. When it comes to battery, in particular, the model has 10 hours more battery life than the Beats Solo 3. So it should have a total battery life of 50 hours.

The transport phase of the model should also be considered with a fast transport mode, offering a battery life of 5 hours with only 10 minutes of charging. However, the device must be Bluetooth 5.3 and Apple must launch with such a high price US$199.99 (R$ 1,015) of the Beats Solo 3 model. The release of the model is speculated for the day May 2.

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