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Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant, is not dead yet. The second Won-joon Choi, vice president of the brand's mobile division, is an assistant in the company's plans. The idea, Choi says, is that Bixby has managed to use generative AI models — and they also need to meet Siri, at the same time.

A glimpse of Bixby's future comes with the announcement of Galaxy AI. The use of generative artificial intelligence is present in the Galaxy S24, a high-end smartphone launched in January this year. They don't work like Bixby, but the trend is that generators are where virtual assistants — or their language models move to equip those assistants.

Bixby can use Google technology

Google Gemini logo
Gemini Nano may move to equip Bixby in the future, so it's unclear how close or far it will be (Image: Disclosure/Google)

Em interviewed for a CNBC, Choi reveals that Samsung is currently equipped with a Bixby with the same technology as the Galaxy AI. There's nothing wrong with four winds, Samsung's generator AI using the Gemini Nano Large Language Model (LLM), created by Google. So, if you chose the plane, Samsung may use Google technology for more than one of its services.

Oh Gemini Nano is an LLM which requires less processing capacity, or which allows your tarefas to be carried out directly on no smartphone. In a conversation, the Samsung executive did not provide data when Bixby was to receive this news.

You can also use AI generating your virtual mobile assistance like Apple. Tim Cook, CEO of the company, said the idea was to develop artificial intelligence technology for the iPhone ainda neste ano. Rumors suggest that Siri will switch to using an AI model. More information on this will be revealed no WWDC24.

A Amazon is another company that needs to use generative AI models to develop Alexayour virtual assistant, smarter.

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