Brasileiros tm 4 media devices connected to the Internet at home, for fishing

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A Brazilian population possui uma media from four devices connected to the Internet in your home. This is what indicates a recent feita pelo fishing Brazil Apostasthat you consult over 2,000 people to find out how much, because it's also about the types of devices that are sent along with the network.

The present point is that the quantity of three devices is available in a very close percentage. On the other hand, the least clue is that of Brazilians with 10 products connected to the Internet in their residences. I hope, including, that this data will take off in the coming years.

As for the category of each device, the owner of this problem is the cell phone at 99%, and the notebook came at 68%. The top 3 is finished on television, which is in position at 65%. However, we can note other types of devices, such as the case of consoles, tablets, surveillance cameras, digital books, printers and more.

During the possible growth in the coming years, specialists suggest that the motive is linked to remote work and the publication of more articles that use Internet das Coisas. Likewise, offering additional rendering available to users, which can be used as a person to purchase more products connected to the home.

The most recent IBGE data shows that 90% of Brazilian homes have access to the Internet. They did something on a journey of 29 million people and therefore don't have access to this type of connection, the trend is that this number is reduced with the pace. North American consultant McKinsey estimates that there will be 30 million devices connected to IoT by 2030.

Veja too: an initiative from Anatel in support of quality of mobile Internet in the country until 2024 ea pequisa que mostrou a High-altitude TV in 2023 with Internet access.

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