Cdigo of the iPadOS 17.5 beta refers to the menu on the battery

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Apple now wants to expand iPhone's healthy battery menu for upcoming iPad models, with code view evidence iPadOS 17.5 beta.

According to the MacRumors portal, there are new references to these configurations no software launched for developers this week. The menu should be displayed, for example, the maximum remaining battery capacity of an iPad and the number of transport cycles.

Among the comments found in this code is:

  • The iPad must be used regularly while not connected to power to display its maximum capacity.
  • This is the number of times the iPad uses its battery capacity
  • iPad battery performs as expected
  • As iPad batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, they have a limited life and can eventually be precisely repaired or replaced.
  • The original battery was designed to maintain X capacity in X cycles under ideal conditions. Actual battery usage depends on several variables, including which iPad is used and carried regularly. One year warranty including service for defective batteries, even those provided by local consumer laws

There is no battery health menu visible in the two existing iPad models in the first beta of iPadOS 17.5, or you can create the menu You may be limited to the new iPad Pro and iPad Air modelswhich could launch in May, and probably other new iPads in the future.

There is evidence that Apple is releasing iPadOS 17.5 to the public in May. Since this is code discovered in beta, it is not guaranteed that the battery menu will be added to iPad anytime soon.

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