Cell phone explodes during transport and causes fire in SC's apartment

Uh smartphone explodes and starts a fire in an apartment in Balneário Camboriú, in the state of Santa Catarina. L'incident aconteceu na madrugada de quarta-feira (3).

Second information from the Corpo de Bombeiros, the cell phone is charged at the top of the camera when an explosion occurs, which was recorded for one hour of the year.

After that, the bite of the flat, 63 years ago, was not made, but the chamas quickly astrologed for the pass and the cortinas, which transformed the quarter.

The model and brand of the smartphone are not revealed.

The walruses from the predio and the megaphone use a fire extinguisher and water brooms to control the fire at the height of the bombers. Then the room was isolated so that more details could be collected.

Do you comment, the bombers will say that users should avoid using the cell phone during transport and Tampouco deixar o aparelho em cima da camasofa or poltrona.

This is therefore because the superaquecimento can cause a fire and these materials allow the fog to spread quickly in the environment.

Além disso, in addition, it is important to use original cabos or certified by the manufacturer.

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