ChromeOS refresh allows creating a hotspot in laptops with Mvel connection

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Users do ChromeOS I receive an overnight refresh alert from ontem (2), while Google is implementing some quality of life features to keep the operational level of the system high.

The M123 update of ChromeOS includes new features: the most obvious ones are the customization of mouse buttons and the use of keyboard keys. However, what may interest many people is the possibility of creating a hotspot in laptops with mobile connection, as is the case with some line models. Chromebook Go.

The keyboard features are not distinct from the differences between other operating systems: in practice, you can configure specific responses to certain functions using a keyboard, to open a music player or connect/disconnect a connection to Internet.

This also goes for custom mouse buttons: if you're using a device like the classic “two-button mouse”, these extras may have specific functions designated to them.

One idea, according to Google, is that functions make it easier to price based on the ability of responses to a task.

The hotspot question, in fact, is one of the most in-depth: if your action is very simple (opening the connection settings and turning a knob in the menu), that's not all the new person immediately wants . ChromeOS 123 users, for example, can then use the SIM card (or connection chip) for T-Mobile, and use our EUA.

Google claims that it is trying to extend the new life to many operators, in other countries, but there is no information about the global availability of the hotspot in ChromeOS, but, at least, as far as Regarding usage in Brazil, it's more of a trial and error process. .

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