EA demite 5% dos funcionários e anuncia mudanças para 2024

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EA Sports FC will be one of two focuses for the company at the moment (Image: Disclosure/Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts announces that you will gain 5% of your jobs, or that this corresponds to 670 civil servants. In addition, the company claims to reduce the number of editors and reduce the number of licensed French games. News broke during the last week that Sony reveals that it will spend around 900 workers, 8% of its work.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson wrote that the company was “pioneering for deeper, more connected experiences in the present day.” To do this, you will focus on your “big opportunities”, with free programs, sports and large online communities.

The Sims 4
The Sims is another successful franchise from the EA property (Image: Disclosure / Electronic Arts)

Wilson did not attend an investor conference in January. On occasion it has been mentioned Apex Legends, Battlefield, EA Sports FC (o antigo FIFA), Madden NFL e The Sims as examples of francquias com grands públicos en ligne.

So, by focusing on clean intellectual properties, EA will corral certain games and avoid the creation of new titles from licensed properties that the company has not credited for success. Oh IGN The company member has various Star Wars and Marvel titles confirmed. Além disso, games of Formula 1 and beisebol para celulares foram Cancelados.

Another aspect of the short term is that EA claims to “optimize the presence of global fixed assets for better business support”. In other words, the company is looking to reduce the number of writers to save money. In a document sent to the SEC, the entity responsible for the taxation of the United States financial market, a company says that the courses will support “strategic priorities and growth initiatives”.

Além from EA, Sony and Microsoft are recovering

EA Forum Plans Revealed Once Again Sony announces that you will be able to get closer to 900 civil servants, which represents 8% of the company's payroll. The processions will involve workers all over the world and will mainly focus on studios involved in virtual reality. The company's studio in London, which works exclusively with this, will be in demand.

I'm also going to do a big mission with Microsoft. In January, she told me 1,900 features from Xbox and Activision Blizzard. This represents 8% of the gaming division's payroll. Enter as a gaming company, Riot games, Tic, Discord e Unit also dispensaram pesoal.

Information on: CNBC, IGN

EA grants 5% to civil servants and announces changes for 2024

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