Ed Sheeran’s new documentary series, “The Sum Of It All,” follows the making of his most personal album yet and the adversity he has had to overcome in the past few years[1].

The docuseries is set to be release on Disney+ on May 3, just a few days before his next album, “Subtract”

In the trailer for the docuseries, Ed is seen breaking down over personal matters, including his wife Cherry Seaborn’s health issues and the death of his best friend Jamal Edwards.

Sheeran opens up about his wife’s tumour diagnosis and how it affected him emotionally

In a statement accompanying the announcement of his upcoming album, “Subtract,” Sheeran said that he scrapped ten years of work on an acoustic album that had resulted in hundreds of songs after a series of events in his personal life in early 2022. He said that he was spiralling through fear, depression and anxiety.

For this album, Sheeran is not trying to craft something that people will like but rather putting out something honest and true to where he is in his adult life

Ed Sheeran’s new documentary series and upcoming album show how personal experiences can influence an artist’s work. The trailer for “The Sum Of It All” gives fans a glimpse into Ed’s emotional journey while making music.

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