Fantasy Football Today: Why Kyren Williams might be the best waiver wire pickup of all time


Kyren Williams has done a lot of Fantasy football Managers were happy in Week 17 when he dove forward for three touchdowns en route to helping those managers win their championship games, but before kickoff in the first game of Week 17, he was sitting on the waiver wire in the majority of leagues. Williams entered the 2023 season as the No. 2 running back on the Los Angeles Rams depth chart behind Cam Akers. After a strong run during the 2022 season, Akers was expected to take over as leader – it's something he earned earlier in his career with the Rams for brief periods which were ultimately derailed by injuries. However, Williams took the job during the first week and the Rams eventually traded Akers to Vikings And the rest, as they say, is history.

Last week I took things a little more boldly by saying that Kyren Williams could become both one of the best waiver wire mics in Fantasy football over the last decade and perhaps not even the best on his team. After his three-touchdown Fantasy Championship performance in Week 17, he might have edged out his fellow Ram. Puka Nacua and earned its place as the most impactful waiver wire addition we've seen in a long time. Maybe never.

Williams lost 30.1 PPR points on the giants Sunday, and he enters Week 18 as one of two running backs averaging over 20 PPR points; add wide receivers, and only two other non-QBs have been better than him per game this season. With the Rams With little left to play in Week 18 after clinching a playoff spot, it's an open question whether Williams will do much to add to his total this week, but he's already solidified his place as one of the most valuable Fantasy players I can recall, scoring at least 14 PPR points in 10 of his 12 games, including six in a row after returning from a sprained ankle during the week 12.

How we handle Williams in 2024 will be one of the most fascinating questions Fantasy analysts and players will have to resolve in the coming offseason, as he has a fairly unique profile. Remember, Williams was a fifth-round pick who was mostly a non-factor as a rookie, despite plenty of need from the Rams. He has suffered several sprained ankles since arriving at NFL and wasn't considered a great prospect, so it could very easily go the way of Dameon Pierce — remember when it was controversial to say we should do away with it?

While Williams has been the league's winner in 2023 and maybe never, his draft draft before the 2024 season will be hotly contested in the Fantasy Football space and I'm excited to see that debate play out.

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