Funo Circular para Buscar, par Samsung, ganha instant translation update by Google

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The most disclosed functions Galaxy AI by Samsung – a “Circular for Buscar” – is an upgrade carried out by Google. According to the informant specializing in new Android devices, Mishaal Rahman, a Mountain View company, has recently offered simultaneous translation of objects circulating on its smartphone phone.

The “Circular for Buscar” program is, in practical terms, right where you name it: the circular with the image of an object on such, the Galaxy AI offers an option to search more information about it on the Internet . Agora is also expanded to include translations.

According to the tipster, you also posted a video of a new video in full operation, or Google was gradually released. At this time you don't know which models considered by the Galaxy AI I have already experienced with it, but normally the newer devices are supposed to be given priority, e like previous eras without depois.

And yet the international company responds that it is dealing with a gradual release, so even if you have a Galaxy S24 Ultra in addition, you might not have received a translation through “Circular for Buscar”.

Considering what I do Google translator If it is associated with the official Google application on our smartphones, it is sure that the new arrival for a refresh of this one will be worth the other in any new version that appears for you.

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