Hafury V1 is dual screen, refined visual and launch promotion on AliExpress

Seeking to cater to the female audience, Cubot introduces the world to its newest sub-brand: Hafury. Second in China, the V1 will be the first smartphone in the line and it should be available on AliExpress on April 15.

Commenting on the assurance, Hafury CEO Jianhua Liu said that each smartphone of the company will be designed to enhance the elegance of women.

Our products are designed to be more efficient than smartphones; They are companions who celebrate the unique beauty of every woman. Hafury's values ​​also go hand in hand when producing products; We claim to have companions in life, we offer refined and peaceful lifestyles for women in all places.

In the checkout, the company must send any smartphone, but also some fashionable accessories that they have purchased. An example is also the case in which it is possible to use a card to use it.

Falando a little more about the Hafury V1, this smartphone pays attention to its different design, once there is a small screen behind the camera module.

Since it is a 1.41-inch AMOLED phone, you can receive notifications, wait for calls, check the time and even have very specific music linked to the main phone of the smartphone.

The cell phone screen has FHD+ resolution and has 6,583 pixels, sending a 32 MP front camera placed in a unit of measurement.

To guarantee good processing power, the new Hafury V1 octa-core chipset which works with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal equipment for the keyboard. If necessary, you can expand the RAM with more than 8 GB of memory with MicroSD card.

In cameras, the Hafury V1 offers a 64 MP main sensor with more than two cameras that guarantee macro photos and photography effect. Or see, a good set to use your diary.

The smartphone also has a side digital reader, it is dual-SIM, with dual-band Wi-Fi and NFC for proxy payments.

Complete with the package, a 4,350 mAh battery and Android 13 as the operating system.

Understand with desconto

Do you have a proposal for the new Hafury V1? So I approved it and booked your account on AliExpress. The company also promises to choose from five units.


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