Immortals of Aveum will be the gateway to AMD FSR 3 consoles

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Apos good months week dar novidades sobre o AMD FSR3 which will be added to the versions of Immortals of Avuem on our consoles, and Ascendant Studios, responsible for the development of the game, has finally confirmed that it is possible to launch the technology on our next generation consoles.

Immortals of Avuem will be the first console game after this technology which before was exclusive to computers and would be the definitive gateway to consoles. There are about 6 months that the developer promises not to know, probably due to the difficulties of implementation on our consoles.

However, I have been confirmed by Digital Foundry, informed of its endorsements and elegant piore port for PC in 2023, that patch will be officially released for “a few weeks”. It's clear that the May finale will play out as a major certainty of the release.

April 3

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April 2

Additionally, when the consoles are refreshed, the PC version will also receive an upgrade enabling the use of HDR. The developers also comment on their peace when it comes to technology and how initially they were not happy with the result. Take more time and dedicate yourself to making something visually interesting with HDR.

Ascendent Studios also says that to develop exactly all these applications, they are in contact with the help of Enduring Games, who also helped with the production of the base game. A Enduring Games is a story based on their port workers and co-developers.

A Enduring has an interesting program, well, some of its works include: Demon's Souls for PS5, Godfall for Epic and also PS5, Knockout City for various platforms (Switch, PS and Xbox) and for that. We can therefore hope for shipping and maintenance work for this adaptation of FSR 3 consoles.

On PC, Immortals of Aveum will have issues with AMD FSR 3, but Ascendant and Enduring have been working on improvements to the implementation, as well as possible support for monitors and TVs that have varying refresh rates and also also for consoles.

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