Intel and Qualcomm confirm that new things prevent the sale of chips for Huawei

Update (05/10/24) – JB

In an official statement released this week, Intel and Qualcomm confirm that the United States government has revoked a series of licenses chip sales for Huawei.

Segundo as companies, a The Biden administration uses protection of national security as an argumentI am vetoing the sale of advanced laptop chips that must be received by Intel.

As a result, as the company's shares rose about 2.9%, once Intel announced that during its earnings it had to ignore the hope in the market.

Consistent with the explanation of some analysts, or launch of Huawei laptops with Intel chips authorized by IA faith or main reason for revogação das licenses.

This movement seeks to address the anger of some competitors who are putting pressure on the Biden government. Commenting on the assurance, EUA Commercial Secretary Gina Raimondo emphasizes that Huawei is a “friend”.

Huawei partners with EUA national security. We therefore have a major focus in AI. So when we learn more about AI revenue, that's when we ask you to take action. If we discover that a chip previously licensed by IA, we will revert that license.

Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Foreign Relations criticized the EUA's action and said it was not all about protecting Americans.

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Original text (05/08/24)

After a Huawei launches some laptops with Intel chips who can process the ferramentas of Inteligência Artificial, or the government of two The United States decides to withdraw a series of licenses which allows these transactions.

A new round of sanctions was applied in the quarter week (8) and, secondly, the Financial Times explained that it looked at the desire of various members of the US Congress, who put pressure on Governor Biden on our last day.

With this, an Intel fica prevents you from sending yourself most powerful processors for the Ultra 9 linepreventing Huawei laptops from being equipped with AI.

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At this time, the detailed text of the sanctions has not yet been released by the United States Department of Commerce, but it is also informed that Qualcomm has also fired the government from its modem department.

Asked to comment or assure, the Department also informed that some export licenses for Huawei have been revoked, but the authorities still cannot disclose which companies have been granted.

Furthermore, rumors indicate that AMD, Intel's main rival, also put pressure on the EUA government, once Intel requested a license to negotiate with Huawei.

Logo, the company appears to have demanded a similar release or body of all as Intel's dealings with China, and the government appears to have been informed of a second option.

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