I’ve got no expectations of Grammy success, says Bebe Rexha | Entertainment

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Bebe Rexha has “no expectations” of Grammy success.

The 34-year-old singer was nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Dance Recording alongside David Guetta for 'One in a Million' – but after missing out on a gong, Bebe refuses to let it go.

She told PEOPLE, “I was really disappointed. I thought, 'If I don't win for 'Meant to Be,' I really don't think I'll ever win a Grammy for anything else.'

“Since then, what I’ve tried to do is have no expectations.”

Despite this, Bebe is delighted to have been nominated for a Grammy.

The singer also believes she has a “very special connection” with David.

Bebe – who was previously nominated for a Grammy for “I'm Good (Blue)”, her 2022 collaboration with David – shared: “Every time I get nominated, it's kind of a pinch-me moment. That shows that he and I really have a very special bond, musically.”

Bebe and David, 56, have worked together for years.

And the singer recalled feeling “really nervous” before their very first meeting.

Bebe said: “I remember being very nervous.

“I came in, and he played me an idea, and he said, 'I have this song that I worked on with Ester Dean, and I'm missing a pre-hook or a hook.' And I was like, “Say less.” David came in 30 minutes later, (“Hey Mama”) was finished, and he was going crazy. It was a very surreal moment.

Meanwhile, Bebe previously revealed she was still “celebrating” after missing out on a Grammy.

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2023, she said: “When I was nominated for a Grammy, my brother showed up that night. Obviously I didn't win, but he was like, 'I wanted to introduce myself anyway, just in case', and we celebrated anyway. It was such a fun time.

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