Kodak estreia no Brasil câmeras instantâneas Mini Shot Retro

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Kodak Mini Shot cameras have a retro design, with heart-shaped decoration (Image: Thássius Veloso/Tecnoblog)

A Kodak crossed Brazil with two cameras from the Mini Shot Retro line. The Mini Shot Retro 2 and Mini Shot Retro 3 models are instant cameras and can compete with an Instax, manufactured by your big competitor Fujifilm. For you to experience these devices, they will automatically print them as photos, like Polaroid icons from the 80s.

Kodak is expanding or investing in the photographic camera segment in Brazil. After the financial difficulties of the year 2000, the brand focused on photographic films and no printing segment. In Brazil, other cameras are sold under manufacturing licenses or imported by lojas.

In the case of the Kodak Mini Shot Retro, a camera is imported from Brazil Electronics and sold exclusively by Fast Shop. The Mini Shot Retro 2 has a suggested price of R$1,599, while the Mini Shot Retro 3 model has a suggested price of R$1,699. As film crates with 30 personalized photos R$ 109.90.

Kodak Mini Shot Retro allows you to print photos on your mobile phone

Keeps Kodak Instant Camera Secure, Overview
Kodak Mini Shot 3 allows you to print selected photos and compare your smartphones to print images from the device (Image: Thássius Veloso/Tecnoblog)

Then print the recorded photos slowly, as Kodak Mini Shot Retro is connected to the Bluetooth connection to “reveal” your smartphone captures – compatible with Android and iPhone. The maximum photo quality is 10 MP.

The printing uses sublimation technology (dye sublimation, sublimation printing in português) to “reveal” as photos. The material does not enter into quality in our photographic papers. On the other hand, the customer of the films is more barato. According to Kodak, print value is 50% lower than competitors.

A Mini Shot Retro 3 prints quadruple photos, with 3×3 inches. And the Mini Shot Retro 2. Both cameras have an automatic flash. The user can also apply the filters directly on the camera (its options) and choose to search for a photo with or without a border.

Unboxing the Mini Shot Retro 3

Tecnoblog received a unit of the Kodak Mini Shot 3 to test. You can give us the first impression of the product.

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Kodak estreia no Brasil Mini Shot Retro instant cameras

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