Memphis Grizzlies’ social media team trolls Shannon Sharpe after win over Lakers

The Memphis Grizzlies’ social media team took a playful shot at former NFL player and current sports analyst Shannon Sharpe after the team’s victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night.

In a tweet that quickly went viral, the Grizzlies’ Twitter account posted a screenshot of a tweet from Sharpe predicting a Lakers win before the game. The caption read, “Oops. Sorry, @ShannonSharpe. We didn’t mean to ruin your night.”

The tweet received thousands of retweets and likes, with many fans joining in on the fun and poking fun at Sharpe for his incorrect prediction.

This is just the latest example of social media banter between sports teams and personalities, and it’s clear that the Grizzlies’ social media team is not afraid to engage in some playful trash talk.

Overall, the Grizzlies’ win over the Lakers was a big one, and the team’s social media team was quick to capitalize on the moment and have some fun with it. As the NBA season continues, it will be interesting to see what other playful interactions unfold on social media between teams, players, and analysts.

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