Nothing Ear (3) could be announced on April 18; empresa publicou tweet enigmtico

A nothing announces that X (ex-Twitter) will help you announced April 18 on an audio-related product. “What to open but? Não perca nossa próxima actualização da comunidade.” In an enigmatic image at the bottom of the world, a company roommate a need before for a sapo amarelo.

It is an improvement that is made on a smartphone, seeing a company acabou announcing the Nothing telephone (2a).

The brand's new ouvido phones have recently been used for Pokémon Cleffa which, secondly, certain fonts, correspond to the codinome of Ear (3). If this is the case, regarding the new functions of the ouvido, nothing can be broadcast in certain weeks, the quarto modelo after Ear (1), Ear (stick) e Ear (2).

For now, the speculation is on a possible announcement, but there are no specifications leaked here. The title of comparison of what can be done, follows the main characteristics of its predecessor.

  • Type: in-ear
  • Dimensions and weight:

    • earphone: 29.4×21.5×23.5mm for 4.5g
    • box: 55.5×55.5x22mm for 51.9g

  • Battery :

    • ouvido phones: 33mAh
    • Box: 485mAh

  • Battery life :

    • earphones: up to 6 hours
    • com case: up to 36 hours

  • Delivery: weekly Q1 up to 2.5 W
  • Protection:

    • ouvido phones: IP54
    • housing: IP55

  • Audio: Voice with stream cancellation > 3 dB, dual connection, 24-bit high-resolution audio with LHDC 5, personal audio profile
  • Noise cancellation: up to 40 dB with adaptive ANC
  • Outros: Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5
  • Microphones: 3x each ouvido phone
  • Drivers: 11.6mm
  • Compatibility: Android 5.1+, iOS 11+
O Nothing Phone (2a) is not available in lojas brasileiras. To be notified when you buy it.

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