PCI Express 7.0: new specific model updated and due to be launched in 2025

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The PCI-SIG, created by various hardware manufacturers who control the specifications of PCI Express, thirdly (02) announces that it is available to members of the organization. updated PCI Express 7.0 specification (PCIe 7.0)a future generation of connectivity support expected to be installed in 2025.

Specifications are updated for version 0.5. As there are no details on consumption, but it must be aligned with the development measures for PCI Express 7.0, which should increase the speed of PCI Express 6.0 — while the launch is planned for 2024.

PCI Express 7.0 achieves transfer rates of 128 GT/s with a bidirectional bandwidth of at least 512 GB/s in a configuration with 16 lanes. The big dimensions of this specification will be the 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4), which promises more energy efficiency and greater data transfer reliability.

The technology will be available in a high-demand scenario for interconnects prepared for data-intensive use, such as 800G Ethernet, which will be or faster in connection with 800G Ethernet.

There will also be space to meet future demands from applications of artificial intelligence, hyperopia data centers, high-performance computing, new computing platforms and the development of quantum computers.

Although scheduled for release of the specification in 2025, this does not mean that the first hardware devices compatible with the technology will be at the same time as PCI Express 7.0. PCI Express 5.0, for example, is not yet a massively popular technology — even though it was introduced in 2019.

In a closer project, the first devices compatible with PCI Express 6.0 should be produced until the end of 2024, probably on the market in 2025 or 2026. You should know that the first devices compatible with PCI Express 5.0 Chegaram Somente No Primeiro Semester 2023four years after the introduction of the padrão.

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