PlayStation Portal receives information on resolving game transmission issues

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The PlayStation Portal received a software update from version 2.0.6 of the PS5 accessory, but it does not work on Sony's console. Some users have already installed a new version and thus they can enjoy game streaming at a very satisfactory level.

The change list for version 2.0.6 of the PlayStation Portal software does not mention possible adjustments, but it does limit the stability and use of access for approved users.

However, your users are tied to the image quality of their streaming games, even “night for day”, as one user puts it.

As for the technical aspects, the new version of the software seems to be the solution the problem that causes works and ruins on the PlayStation portal image The PS5 must transmit games at 59.94 Hz, with a different frequency from the mobile phone.

The new version could already be offered to users of the PS portal around the world, although the laptop is no longer officially sold in Brazil.

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