Quem disse que ia ser fácil ganhar dinheiro com IA?

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How does anyone support tech celebrities who know that most companies are thinking about artificial intelligence. Every day we learn about new advances in language models, produced with embedded AI, startups receive investment from two major market players.

What do you say that it's easy for me to make money with AI? (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

It is natural that investments in generative artificial intelligence will not happen in the future. Companies are working to make their solutions dominant, even in specific segments, resulting in new sources of reception.

But this is not yet the case. No start of fever, after the disclosure of the financial results for the last quarter of 2023, Google and Microsoft saw the value of their possible actions. Reason: Investors hope the AI ​​business is bearing fruit after so much money pumped into the region.

The devaluation was not significant, but it appears as expected when the new technology is high. What is currently profitable in AI can be complex in terms of its development.

Queimando caixa to guarantee usuários

There is a motivation for research and development of generative artificial intelligence among big tech people: companies therefore use credit to create and manage their systems.

It's clear that startups like OpenAI and Anthropic have made progress in this area, but these smaller companies have received a lot of investment from players like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. All the time for them.

The deal between Microsoft and OpenAI is expected to bring in an amount of 13 US dollars. A startup benefits from the computing power of big technologies, with its solid new calculation structure, for the training of its AI and the development of products. Google and Anthropic have a similar relationship.

As Big Tech gains access to products developed by startups, it is clear that they will attempt to monetize them as much as possible. This issue is that, at the stage we are at, it is difficult to guarantee that AI products will be significantly lucrative.

Sam Altman and Satya Nadella
Sam Altman and Satya Nadella together in 2019 (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

As we discuss no Tecnocast 325, the current moment is a race in search of the famous “winner takes all”. One strategy, designed in the silicon valley, is to try to expand the user base as much as possible, even if it is a constant queima de caixa. Today, new AI applications and innovations appear every day.

The expectation is that, with users assured, the company comes across a way to monetize them. In other words, financial return is a later concern.

The question is that, according to the opinion of a woman of investors, it was an hour in the second stage to embark on the course. Or, it's less of a prospect, but it's definitely like making real money there. After that, you will need to protect yourself a little more.

Até because other customers may be able to do so.

Pague pelos dados

Learning language patterns each time they get better requires an insane amount of data. These are texts, images and videos created by humans — and many of them have no content at all.

Lawsuits against AI companies for the independent use of hardware for training their systems have been accumulating since last year. The most recent involves editors against OpenAI and Meta, including the names of George RR Martinuh movement process in the log New York Times against a donation from ChatGPT.

In this case, it is a method of obtaining material for the training of language models. Can the Internet be used indiscriminately to create tools capable — at that moment — of generating dollar bills? And as for copyrighted material, should authors be paid?

If big companies decide to favor them, it's more money that they have to demolish precisely. But a customer developed among several existing people.

New York Times headquarters (Image: Joe ShlabotnikSeguir/Flickr)
New York Times headquarters (Image: Joe ShlabotnikSeguir/Flickr)

I will also say it various high-profile sites block or steal OpenAI, decreasing the amount of quality content for AI training. The tendency is that access to these texts is the one that is most subject to remuneration.

This is what is for everyone agreement between Google and Reddit. After beating or against companies that have raspavam data from the platform for training AI, a social network that allows opening a map and a figure changing conversation.

And Apple, which is still not launched into the world of AI, but is working towards it, also estaria pagando veículos de imprensa for obtaining data for training.

In summary, it is still a bit outside the development of AI. It is not true that financial return is requested.

Three digits of lucro

But it is not true that it is lucrative, and yet, with artificial intelligence. And Nvidia, for example, doesn't have to respond.

Só no ultimo quarter, company revenue increases by 265% in previous relationships. The increase in our income is even more dramatic: no less than 769%, totaling 12.3 billion US dollars.

Nvidia is a leading supplier of chips used in training artificial intelligence systems. Between 70% and 90% of this market belongs to the company – absolute domain, therefore.

Nvidia's numbers prove that the whole thing is, in fact, very aquecido. The company's background as a producer of GPUs is already in a position to power the ferraments that arise, and this will allow it to have more advantages now that solutions completely designed for AI will be much more necessary.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia
Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia

Businesses are taking advantage of generative AI opportunities, and want to have a great time. It's not clear when you follow it. The customer is still there, and new ones can arise. For a great player not to have artificial intelligence, the path is always uncertain.

In the meantime, Nvidia becomes a great thermometer of the market: proves that everything is in research on our part, but that it is better at the same time that I sell it like that.

What do you say that it's easy for me to make money with AI?

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