Samsung Knox recebe certificao CC para altos padres de segurana em TVs 2024

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O Samsung Knoxintegrated security solution nas TVs by line from 2024you have obtained Common Criteria (CC) certification even before the product launch to consumers.

This certification is globally recognized in 31 countries as a support for achieving the security integrity of IT products. An agora of Samsung celebration 10 consecutive years of CC certification for Samsung Knoxan ever-evolving security solution for your televisions.

With approved suppliers and consistent endorsements, the CC visa guarantees the security of TI certified products. Samsung Knox expects CC officials to achieve three security principles. Say them:

  • Tizen OS Monitoring: actively detect hacker possibilities At some point, identified modifications are not allowed to the core of Samsung TVs.
  • Blocking phishing sites: check the web pages accessible to users, preventively block phishing sites to protect user data and privacy.
    Protection of personal information: guaranteed complete protection of confidential personal data Users secure connection with Samsung Knox Vault, a dedicated processor for security features.

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