Samsung plans 3D DRAM launch next year for dominant AI chips

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Samsung wants to expand its product portfolio to further meet the demand for artificial intelligence. The company claims to launch its 3D DRAM products that year, directly competing with local competitors such as SK Hynix, and seeks to gain a leading position in the global AI chip market.

Samsung's strategic plan for 3D DRAM was recently revealed. This technology is used in cells vertically, tripling in capacity per unit compared to traditional methods of horizontal use. This is a way to save memory efficiency at high bandwidths, while they receive many memories, including by NVIDIA, which are currently undefined.

The initial release of Samsung's 3D DRAM is planned for next year, based on vertical channel transistor technology. They continue to innovate, with DRAM used, with all cells, including the capacitor, to be used until 2030.

Samsung is determined to enter the AI ​​chip industry, deciding to bank SK Hynix, which is currently a big 90% impression in the global HBM and DRAM market for AI applications. While it is accredited that SK Hynix is ​​also a worker of this technology, they have to keep their plans in place recently.

In the global 3D DRAM market projected for a US$100 mark until 2030, Samsung is able to explore this growth opportunity. Today, the market is already in its infancy, in high demand for memory solutions for me which suggests that these numbers can be proven by conservatives, with even greater growth potential.

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