TSE probe deepfake e regula uso de IA em campanhas eleitorais

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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) unanimously approved a resolution aimed at regulating the use of artificial intelligence during municipal elections this year.

No text of the report, Minister Cármen Lúcia, ficou establishment of a total ban on “deep fakes”while AI is already allowed, but this can be used in camps with notice on what content was made from a ferramenta of the general.

Conteúdo sintético in format of audio, video or combination of ambos, which has whether it was gerado or manipulated digitally, ainda that without authorization, to cry, substitute or modify the image or the voice of a living person, false or fictitious cannot be used, to harm or to favor the candidacy – for resolution.

The objective of the TSE is to avoid the circulation of montages of images and voices products for artificial intelligence applications to manipulate false statements from candidates and authorities involved in organizing the general public.

Restriction of the use of chatbots and avatars to mediate teams' communication with real people is also approved.

In the resolution, the TSE prevents that the incorrect use of AI could lead to the cancellation of the register and the mandate of the candidate, as responsibility for “big tech” organizations.

The TSE must be taxed as a social network to avoid widespread sharing of false content. The text says that platforms that do not have antidemocratic content and human speech, such as racists, homosexuals or Nazis, will be responsible.

Commenting on the assurance, the president of the TSE, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, said that the resolution guarantees a “verdadeira liberdade of expression”.

We live with the risk of fake news “anabolized” by artificial intelligence. We already found out that Argentina discovered a video that turned failure into perfection, and it could solve a gigantic problem, or it could lead to the outcome of an election.

It is clear that the National Congress also works with them bill to regulate the use of AI in the voter camps, but they follow each other as planned to be voted on.

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