Vietnam’s Communist Party nominates Vo Van Thuong as new president

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Vietnam’s Communist Party has nominated Vo Van Thuong as the country’s new president, according to sources. Thuong, who is currently the head of the party’s propaganda department, is expected to be officially appointed to the position at the upcoming National Assembly session in April.

The nomination of Thuong comes as Vietnam’s current president, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, is set to step down from the role. Phuc, who has served as president since 2016, is expected to take on a new position as the country’s prime minister.

The nomination of Thuong, a senior member of the Communist Party and a close ally of party leader Nguyen Phu Trong, is seen as a reflection of the party’s continued focus on maintaining political stability and control in the country. Thuong is known for his hardline stance on issues related to national security and has been a vocal critic of political dissent and opposition to the government.

The nomination of Thuong is also expected to signal a continuation of the Communist Party’s policies on economic reform and foreign relations. Vietnam has been working to expand its economic ties with other countries in the region and beyond, and has been seeking to strengthen its position as a key player in the global economy.

The appointment of Thuong as president is likely to be welcomed by the party’s supporters, who see him as a strong and capable leader. However, critics have raised concerns about his record on human rights and freedom of expression, and have called on the government to do more to protect these fundamental rights. It remains to be seen how Thuong will approach these issues in his new role as president of Vietnam.

Source: Reuters

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