Why doesn't Brazil have cell phone disaster alerts? – Technoblog

Do you want to buy a premium cellular intermediary?  Sim, mas só nestes casos (Image: Guilherme Reis / Tecnoblog)
A project similar to Amber Alert dos EUA is soon available from December 2023 (Image: Guilherme Reis / Tecnoblog)
  • Brazil has still not implemented a modern disaster alert system via cell phone, such as Cell Broadcast, which would have increased effectiveness in countries such as the United States and Japan.
  • This technology allows emerging alerts to be sent to cell phones in a specific area, even operating in a non-disruptive manner.
  • Anatel has developed a disaster alert notification project, which will take place soon from December 2023 after 14 months of testing with operators, for effective use of the system in front. The lack of adequate training of public officials to operate the platform and the need for adjustments and finalizations of the project are significant bars.
  • Currently, alerts are transmitted primarily via SMS, which require a prior telephone number and may not be received if the cell phone is issued undisturbed. The government also uses other services, like TV assassination notices and messages with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram, which rely on data connectivity.

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