Como mudar os ícones de apps no Android? Veja o tutorial de Samsung, Motorola e Xiaomi

How to change app icons on Android (image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

Changing the core of Android apps is the process of customizing or visualizing your icons to those that match the user's style or preferences. By changing our application icons, you can make native configurations of the operating system or third-party software on Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi phones, for example. This customization capability and the ability … Read more

Apple encerra projeto de carro elétrico após 10 anos de desenvolvimento

Apple logo

Apple coloca ponto final our plans to launch an autonomous electric car (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog) Apple refuses to develop its own autonomous electric vehicle. The second Mark Gurman, journalist from Bloomberg Specialized at Apple, a decision was announced by Jeff Williams, director of operations, and Kevin Lynch, director of the Titan project – … Read more

Celulares bsicos com Android recebero atualizao com novo decoder para vdeos AV1

Cellphones Android so that you can configure less powerful configurations to be able to better reproduce the content AV1 two streaming services. This reason is also that of the implementation by Google of an important solution for decoderin order to generate melodies in reproduction and having to adjust the most modest models. So that I … Read more

Google Mensagens recebe o Gemini Chat para interaes, gerao de imagens e mais

Oh Google Messages It may be more interesting to use it in short. Poutineal, the company's application is to receive the Chatting with Gemini, its artificial generative intelligence. Thus, the user moves to a wide range of possibilities, interacting with other applications, creating images with the chatbot. Compliant noticiado pelo portal GizChina, the process does … Read more

Samsung Knox recebe certificao CC para altos padres de segurana em TVs 2024

O Samsung Knoxintegrated security solution nas TVs by line from 2024you have obtained Common Criteria (CC) certification even before the product launch to consumers. This certification is globally recognized in 31 countries as a support for achieving the security integrity of IT products. An agora of Samsung celebration 10 consecutive years of CC certification for … Read more

MediaTek Helio G91 lanado para celulares bsicos com cmeras de at 108 MP, telas de 90 Hz e mais

MediaTek has expanded your hardware catalog to basic cell phones at the third stage (27) with the announcement of the Helio G91, a processor presented as a successor to Hélio G88. A new platform that serves the purpose of improving or supporting advanced camera technologies in the most expensive devices. The two tasks of the … Read more

TSE probe deepfake e regula uso de IA em campanhas eleitorais

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) unanimously approved a resolution aimed at regulating the use of artificial intelligence during municipal elections this year. No text of the report, Minister Cármen Lúcia, ficou establishment of a total ban on “deep fakes”while AI is already allowed, but this can be used in camps with notice on what content … Read more