Honor X6a: mobile phone certified by Anatel and can be launched in brief in Brazil

A HonorChinese manufacturer of cell phones, tablets and other products, must be purchased in Brazil for desafiar as principles marcas do national mercadolike a Samsung e Motorola. We discovered in the third period (19) that a company received approval from Honor X6aone of your basic cell phones, by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). A certification … Read more

MediaTek announces chips for smart cars with DLSS 3 and AI thanks to NVIDIA

MediaTek announced yesterday (19th) the launch of new platforms for smart cars developed thanks to NVIDIA. Hardware is part of the family Dimensity automatic cockpitand we are developing new experiences for information and maintenance of our vehicles with a high level of use of graphics and AI. Four processors are announced by the manufacturers: CX-1, … Read more

Samsung lana power bank with fio of 10,000 mAh and model with fio and very inputs, of 20,000 mAh

A Samsung You recently launched two new power banks to meet the growing demand for portable transportation solutions. These new additions include a 10,000 mAh wireless energy bank uh energy bank with fio of three ports of 20,000 mAh. The power banks also use the USB PD 3.0 fast charging protocol (with PPS). The Samsung … Read more

Banco Central confirms payment of $46 million Pix in Brazil

Segundo o Banco Central, 46,093 pix armazenadas de la Fidúcia Sociedade de Crédito ao Microempreendedor e at Empresa de Pequeno Porte Limitada (Fidúcia) ficaram expostas na internet por falhas pontuais no sistema de pagamentos da empresa. This journey is not as simple as chaves, but also cadastral data on your donations. After that, data like … Read more

Garmin Lana Nova updated software with almost 40 courses and melodies

A Garmin Lançou Uma new update for your models of intelligent religions in matters of line. This new feature includes models Fenix ​​7 e Fenix ​​7 Proalem to promise almost 40 mudanças, which is divided between various bug fixes and new recursos. Likewise, you have tunes in some aspects of smart watches. The update is … Read more