$13 million entertainment venue coming to Greenville

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GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – An entertainment venue called Trueline is coming to downtown Greenville.

An old building along Rhett Street in Greenville's West End will be soon being a hub for music lovers.

The best artists from around the country are expected to come to Greenville to put on a show.

Trueline founder and CEO Michael Grozier said the $13 million project continues the transformation of the West End neighborhood into an entertainment district.

Other area business owners said being a part of the growth of Greenville's West End has been incredible.

“I think the city took its time,” said Vincent Paschetta, director of operations for Urban Wren and Bellwether. “There's been some thought put into who they want to partner with and I think that's shown and the grass roads in the community are still retained, which still feels like a local community. “

Grozier said Trueline will contribute to the region's successful growth. It will be a two-story, 1,700-capacity music hall spanning 34,000 square feet on the corner of Rhett Street and Wardlaw Street.

“Greenville is an amazing city,” said Grozier, also a co-founder of House of Blues. “It's a beautiful place. I don't need to tell you that, you know. But the idea that we're going to try to get bands to stop here and try to bring some more music in the city, we’re going to need something that the industry will respond to.”

Trueline is expected to host a variety of artists from all musical genres, comedians and others.

People 7NEWS spoke with in downtown Greenville said they would visit the location.

“I would say yes, it’s a good idea, especially if they feature a variety of artists,” said Easley resident Dan Dewitt.

Neighboring businesses said they believe the entertainment venue will have a positive impact on the area and their businesses.

“We think it’s a great idea,” Paschetta said. “We support it from both concepts. We're looking forward to the business it's going to bring, the foot traffic. We think this will be a great addition to the West End and we hope to continue to grow the community here.

Grozier said he plans to hire 500 people in the region. He said it would not only be a place for fun, dining and entertainment, but it would also be a driving force in Greenville's economy.

“For every dollar people spend inside the building – whether it’s on tickets, food and drinks, tickets or merchandise – they spend the same dollar outside,” he said. Grozier said. “We anticipate our business will start at $12 million and we anticipate that will also mean $12 million in the immediate area around us.”

Currently, the entertainment venue is expected to open in 2025.

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