Anatel diz que Brasil tem pouca opção de celular e celebra chegada da Honor

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Carlos Baigorri is president of Anatel (Photo: Thássius Veloso/Tecnoblog)

From Barcelona – The president of Anatel, Carlos Baigorri, says he is happy with the news of this Honor must enter the domestic market. In accordance with what we revealed this week, Brazil has everything to reach the final frontier of the Chinese company's conquest in Latin America.

Baigorri granted me uma exclusive interview during a CMM. In the run-up to Honor's visit, he criticized the current market concentration. Speaking of which, customers basically have three options: Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. Meanwhile, doorstep giants Oppo, Vivo and Huawei are showcasing highly competitive products at the planet's main telecommunications fair – but they'll never land in the country.

Confira the repercussion of the insurance on the abaixo maintenance. Oh Tech Blog will be posting more parts of the conversation in our coming days, so, it's related.

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Honor Magic 6 Pro was announced in Barcelona (Photo: Thássius Veloso/Tecnoblog)


Thássius Veloso – Honor CEO told MWC 2024 that he is studying the form of entering the Brazilian market, including with local production plans. How are you moving as a new player?

Carlos Baigorri (Anatel) – Eu fico muito feliz. For people with access to 4G Internet or 5G for the consumer and, in no case of Anatel, it is very close to the infrastructure. For the city to effectively benefit from this technology, it is precisely a compatible cell phone and data plan. We believe that Brazil is a very concentrated market and very little competition in the smartphone space. Basically you are Samsung, Apple and Motorola. Here in Barcelona we have Xiaomi, Redmi, Honor, Huawei, Oppo, Chinese Vivo. There are several companies showing cell phones from Ponta, Lindos and Maravilhosos, but this is not the case from Brazil.

Ficaria but barato?

We are in a more competitive market and more manufacturers are present in Brazil, and this certainly reflects the more cheap cell phones. I have written a project that involves Qualcomm and that needs to download a number 5G phone from US$ 99.

Is the Brazilian consumer poorly served?

The smartphones sold in Brazil are very good. Samsung, Apple and Motorola offer very high quality products. No, because the options are possible. It's like buying at a restaurant and that's where there are three things available. Os pratos podem até be good, but são poucos.

Some observations

Baigorri made his decision when he found himself in a high concentration of the market. Today Samsung appears in the first place, with a charge always at home at 50% (SIM card, meta of phones). A Motorola suit will be the second item not meeting the criteria for units sold. And Apple has them much more relevant when they fail to receive, and they offer more smartphones and, with that, they are ready.

These numbers are in the form of an anecdote, because the two main consultants do not disclose them publicly, even if they have confidentiality clauses with their clients.

In the international market, Apple's sales are higher than those of Samsung in the quarter of 2023. It will have 25% participation. In the sequence appear the South Koreans (17%), followed by Xiaomi (13%), Transsion (dona of the Infinix brand, with 9%) and Vivo (with 7%; not confused with the Brazilian operator). Os dados sao da Canalys.

But MWC: no video has dropped, I know the Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Thássius Veloso viajou para a Espanha a guest honor

Anatel says Brazil can have cell phone option and celebrate honor party

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