Apple agora diz que web apps seguirão funcionando na União Europeia

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Apple launches Home, Homebox and web apps that will work for European Union iPhones with iOS 17.4 (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Apple changed its mind and wanted to release web applications from our iPhones sold in Europe. Big Tech has updated your support page to let you know that this rollback will be supported on iOS 17.4. Coincidence or not, Apple's decision to act today after the European Union declared that this man has no case.

Na segunda-feira (February 26), União Europeia sent statements on the support film aos Progressive Web Apps (PWA) our Bloco countries. Ao announce or fim dos PWA on iOS 17.4and Apple said that this decision was made by the cause of the DMA — Lei dos Mercados Digitais.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari icons on iPhone phone
With DMA, Chrome and Firefox you can use your appropriate engines in the EU, but Apple removes the option to use PWA (Image: Giovanni Santa Rosa/Tecnoblog)

The DMA, which wants to improve the experience of users of platforms and other digital products, allows Apple to release the use of different engines for browsers. Before entering into force, all browsers use a Safari engine. Apple says that it is not possible to guarantee user security and privacy with other development kits, opting for Support or Support.

According to great technology it is possible to create an integration architecture, but adapting to PWA and also requiring the design or project DMA inviável – the matter that wastes a lot of money and time for this.

EU web apps such as chat

Porem, a Apple unleashes web apps to work with WebKit. Apparently it is possible to restrict the PWA engine. So, this recurso will allow you to use the system for all Safari. I now hope that the EU will not challenge WebKit's restriction for web applications.

Second, at Apple, users in the European Union can newly install the PWA in the coming weeks.

Information on: 9to5Mac e The edge

Apple just said web apps work in the European Union

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