Apple encerra projeto de carro elétrico após 10 anos de desenvolvimento

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Apple coloca ponto final our plans to launch an autonomous electric car (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Apple refuses to develop its own autonomous electric vehicle. The second Mark Gurman, journalist from Bloomberg Specialized at Apple, a decision was announced by Jeff Williams, director of operations, and Kevin Lynch, director of the Titan project – coordinator of the division responsible for the vehicle. Gurman says that some of the 2,000 officials will be involved in training the Apple Car (which is not due to the printing of the car).

Sad for us, alívio for outros. The journalist also revealed that some of the two entrepreneurs could sneak away for further trips inside Apple, while others have been transferred to the artificial intelligence division. As the vehicle is autonomous, the knowledge and development of this software will not be hopeless.

Apple Car is now ambitious for the ultra-competitive zone

Making Apple Car possible based on patents (Image: Reproduction/Vanarama)
Even with some work, the details of the Apple Car design were never realized, they fit the imagination (Image: Reproduction/Vanarama)

The project, which according to rumors came in 2014, will become a launch fully autonomous car (level 5), semi-flying and semi-pedal. Oh autonomous management level Apple's desire is something distant for Tesla, mounted as advanced as possible. According to rumors, a big tech would like to launch this vehicle in 2028 – it would soon be advanced for a first vehicle from an electronics brand.

Others confirmed that the vehicle purchased with a home price of US$100,000 (R$493,000). It's not surprising that an Apple product has a very high price, but more precisely than a differential. For example, the Apple Vision Pro VR headset is absurdly because, but it contains fewer unique resources: this one (estranha) as shown by old users and Micro OLED screen — what series or difference between the Apple vehicle? Windshield with olhos and igual ao filme Carros?

To compare with Tesla, like this before, it is the most advanced autonomous steering technology, the suggested price for Apple Car competition with the Model no more cars from Elon Musk's company. That's pretty much there are more baratas than traditional montadoras and new Chinese ones.

Apple mira investment for generative AI on iPhone

Tim Cook at WWDC 23 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)
Tim Cook said Apple products will be produced until 2024 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

It's time to cancel Apple Car, a great technological tool that can increase investment in your generative AI. The school must be shown certified in the future. Samsung has launched Galaxy AI for its Galaxy S24 smartphones. At the same time, like Microsoft and Google, it invests in strong technology as a professional assistant, co-pilot case e Gemini nos programs making Workspace.

Além disso, Tim Cook Says Apple Devices Have Been Generated Since Year. No, iPhone 16 should not be connected to Siribut I also have a version equipped with LLM.

Information on: The edge, Bloomberg e 9to5Mac

Apple will launch an electric car project after 10 years of development

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