Britney Spears says she would ‘never return to music industry’

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Britney Spears has no plans to return to music. After the 13-year conservatorship ended, the only thing Spears' millions of fans were waiting for was the moment she would release her new music.

Rumors were rife that the singer was currently working on her next album, but canceling them all, the singer confirmed that she would never return to the music industry.

Recently, several reports came out claiming that the “Toxic” singer was working on her 10th studio album. However, on Thursday, the star quashed all reports by revealing that she was working as a ghostwriter.

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Taking to her Instagram account, Britney shared Guido Reni's painting titled Salome Carrying the Head of St. John the Baptist and wrote: “Just so we're clear, most of the news is garbage!!! They don't 'keep saying I'm turning to random people to make a new album…I'm never going back to the music industry!!!'

Additionally, the pop star said that she has written more than 20 songs for different people over the past two years.

Reacting to discussions surrounding her memoir 'The Woman In Me', she wrote: “People are also saying that MY BOOK WAS ILLEGALLY RELEASED WITHOUT MY APPROVAL and that is far from the truth… have you read what's the news lately??? days??? I'm so LOVED and blessed!!!”

Spears published her memoir last year, and it became a bestseller. The book sheds light on the pop star's life, relationships and public crises that have been making headlines for years. In the book, the “Toxic” singer looks back on her time with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, revealing that she had to have an abortion because Justin wasn't ready to have a baby.

Spears, who never hesitates to share her feelings, recently opened up about being single again. Spears and Sam Asghari ended their 14-month marriage in August last year.

Reflecting on her life, the singer wrote: “It's so weird being single.”

“I've had a lot of time to really look back with all the good and the bad…I realized that I don't speak kindly to myself at all.” she added.

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