BTS’ V and RM earn prestigious blue tag in the military

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BTS members V and RM earned their place on stage with their breathtaking acts and are now proving their mettle in the military. The two enlisted in the South Korean army ahead of Jimin and Jungkook. A website called The Camp, known for sharing glimpses of serving soldiers, posted a series of photos showing V and RM posing with their fellow service members in their unit.

Some photos released showed the two singers posing alongside their respective military units. Another batch of group photos of the recruits was released by the Nonsan Training Center on January 4. In the photos, V can be seen wearing a section leader tag. In the recent photos that have surfaced, RM is the one who stands out with the blue tag slung over his shoulder.

Each photo was taken separately. Notably, V chose to hide the lower part of his face in these recent photos. According to reports, V's joined the special task force of the Army Capital Defense Command.

What does the blue badge represent in the South Korean army?

In the South Korean military, the coveted “blue tag” designates a soldier as an elite soldier, honed to exceptional skills in areas such as marksmanship and physical fitness. Obtaining this label in the South Korean military is a badge of honor, awarded to the most qualified troops who typically undergo rigorous training to obtain such a label.

The Camp is a South Korean military app that initially refrained from featuring BTS members' photos due to an intellectual property conflict with HYBE. But with his new photo series, he seems to have overcome that obstacle. Recent photos from The Camp reveal V and RM alongside other military personnel.

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