Caïu! WhatsApp presents instability in the fourth (03)

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During this quarter-week period, WhatsApp, the Meta social network, presents instabilities for everyone. While all this indicates, the social network is facing a problem with your servants and this is also the case with the WhatsApp checkout in Brazil, Germany, the United States and more.

According to data presented on the “DownDetector” website, the Meta messaging application is unstable. has been reported by more than 100 million people in Brazil. In Germany the number is also around 100 million. Users are delivered with messages of “service unavailable”, slow delivery of messages, etc.

62% of complaints are related to sending the message, 29% alert about problems with the server and another 9% have connection problems with the website. For some, or WhatsApp, in the meantime, other DownDetector users know that they recently had access to the application or that they are requesting their lens.

And Meta is still not pronounced on and it looks like the problem is fixed. Content from “WABetaInfo” on available.

Different things other major instabilities, a unique social network from Meta that waits for you late for your WhatsApp message. Facebook and Instagram may have some complaints, but it's not that drastic, or it reinforces a potential problem with our servers.

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