Sonic Toys Party: ourio deve ganhar novo jogo gratuito para celular em 2024

In January, X (antigo Twitter) tipster @MbKKssTBhz5 confirmed that Sonic should receive a new game in 2024 and here are more details about this project. Second, the game is already developed for Android and iOS with coordinator Project Toys, but it is expected to launch under the name Sonic Toys Party. Oh Insider games Regarding … Read more

Honda anuncia sistema de realidade estendida, com culos VR e cadeira motorizada

A Honda announces a new “extended reality” experience that combines virtual reality with personal mobility devices, like Uni-One rod racks with automatic montadora balance. The technology will be on display at SXSW in Austin in the coming months. The idea is broader than known VR experience systems, which are confined to a fixed space. It … Read more

Spotify lana “Orculo” para responder perguntas dos usurios com msicas

In an announcement published in quinta-feira (29), Spotify launched its newest user interaction activity. Like the name of “Oráculo Musical”, the recurso promises answer all these questions from candentes of life for music. Access can be done for me This site em smartphones. By opening the page, the user must go to an interface specially … Read more