Como usar o Google Tradutor no celular ou PC

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(Image: Lupa Charleaux/Tecnoblog)

Google Traductor is a language translation service from Google. The work is free and contains resources for various use cases, from simple translation of texts to images or archives.

To use Google Tradutor, you can open the web service page or install the official application for Android and iOS smartphones.

Google's translation service uses expert machine and user collaboration to constantly improve the quality of the translation offered.

Then you can use Google Tradutor on mobile or PC:

How to use Google Translator on your cell phone

1. Open or Google Translator on your cell phone

Open the Google Traductor app on your Android cell phone or iPhone.

Screenshot of a mobile phone using a set to indicate the Google Tradutor application

2. Escolha os idiomas para fazer tradução de texto

Do not touch the button of the box, embaixo daixa de texto, para escolher o idioma original do conteúdo (“Translate from”). Then, do not touch the direction button to select the translation idiom (“Translate for”).

Text captures from the Google Tradutor app show how to select languages

3. Digite ou cole o original texto no Google Tradutor

Write or paste the text that will be translated into the “Encrypt text” field, at the top of the text, so that Google Translator can perform the translation. Then the application will show the text in the original language from the upper part and the translation from the lower part.

Google Traductor app screenshots show how to translate text

How to use Google Translator without a PC

1. Access the Google Tradutor site without a browser

Access the Google Translator site ( using your PC browser.

Browser screenshot shown to web version of Google Tradutor

2. Learn about the functions of Google Translator

Press one of the two buttons, in the part below, to select the functions of Google Tradutor:

  • Text : carry out the translation of digitized texts or collados in the field requested by Google Tradutor. The translation is exposed on the ground directly from the canvas;
  • Pictures: Allow yourself to send or paste an image with text to be translated. An original image can be seen on the written side on the fabric, while the photo with the translated text is positioned on the right side;
  • Documents: Ability to send a file in docx, pdf, pptx and other formats to be translated. The traduzido tale can be seen in A New Navigator's Maiden;
  • Sites: allow sending or forwarding a web page (URL) to be translated. By clicking on the blue bundle icon to go there, you will be taken to the site with the content translated for spoken language.
Browser Phone Capture shows how to change translation features in the web version of Google Translator

3. Select languages ​​for easy translation on Google Translator

Escolha o original idiom, do lado esquerdo a tela, y a tradução, do lado directo, clicando nas opções suggestedes ou no ícone com seta para baso para opero o menu de pesquisa de idiomas.

Browser screenshot shows how to edit idioms in the web version of Google Tradutor

How to use Google Traductor’s “Translate Hat” on Android

1. Access Google Translator’s “Configurações” on cellular

Open the Google Tradutor app on your Android cell phone and tap your profile picture, a circular icon at the top directly on the phone, to open the menu. Then, tap “Settings” to continue.

Google Traductor app screenshots show how to access settings

2. Select “Toque para traduzir”

Click the “Key to translate” option to view more resources on Google Translator.

Text capture from the Google Traductor app shows how to access the option "Hat to translate"

3. Action or “Use button to translate” by Google Tradutor

Enable “Use key to translate” option to set Google Translator to secondary on mobile phone. As well as the “Show fluctuating icon” and “Automatically translate copied text” options.

Then minimize the app and a fluctuating icon will appear directly on the phone.

Google Traductor app screenshots show how to enable the option "Use o Toque to translate"

4. Open the app or site you want to translate with Google Translator

Open an application or site on the mobile phone browser with the text you want to translate using Google Translator. Then select and copy the content.

Capture Feedly app content by selecting text

5. View the translation on the fluctuating icon of Google Tradutor

There is no fluctuating translator icon to see the copied text translated for your language by Google Tradutor.

Screenshots from the Feedly and Google Tradutor apps can be used or recurso "Use o Toque to translate"

Is it possible to translate with Google Translator?

You can use Google Tradutor to translate texts, manuscripts, images, documents, web pages and conversations between people. Google's free service offers support for more than 100 idioms.

How to translate a conversation with Google Translator?

Sim. It's possible translate a conversation with Google Translator. Use the “Chat” shortcut, available in the bottom voice direction of the app, select languages ​​and tap the microphone icon to translate a conversation into voice at a real pace.

How to use Google Translator to translate sites?

O Google Translator continued Translate web pages of different shapes. For example, you can use the “Sites” function in the web version or activate the natural Google Chrome browser for PC and mobile.

How to translate an image using Google Tradutor?

You can Translate texts from a photo using Google Translator This version has no web version and no application. This means that the application allows you to translate a photo received by your cell phone's camera or an image from your phone's gallery.

Can you use Google Translate to translate on a cell phone?

Sim. You can use Google Translator's smooth menu to copy and translate mobile phone text. Another option is to print the phone and use the Google app to translate an image.

Do you want to use Google Translator offline?

You continue use Google Translator without Internet no cell phone. However, it is necessary to acquire a language package to be able to use the application offline. Furthermore, it is not possible to use the web version of a browser that is connected to the Internet.

How to use Google Translator on mobile or PC

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