Expand your MacBook Air M2 to create new Arm64 builds on Linux

The creator of the kernel Linux There are some exciting new developments related to your development workers. Dealing with Linus Torvaldswhich announces major tests with Arm64, and which has just made a system Ampere AArch64 but it is possible to replace the use MacBook Air com team Apple Silicon.

Previously, Torvalds had already used a laptop with an M2 chip to compile like Arm64 builds. So, to acquire a more robust system, it will allow you to build as much software in Arm64 format as I have the X86-64 architecture, second information contained in the version 6.9 of Linux, launched recently.

In general, the machine is essentially a workstation that contains a number of Armv8 cores. However, the user does not want to reveal the details of the Ampere system he uses for his new developments. So I hope this is a model from the Altra series.

The devices of this series, by yourself, are available in robust versions with 128 cores for the heaviest workers. Torvalds also explained that the tests are all done with the Ampere system, but the MacBook is not there and the tests are done with the versions of Linux for Arm64.

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