Fans 'scream' after Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift after 'Eras ​​Tour' in Singapore

Or Taylor Swift go, Travis Kelce follows.

THE Super Bowl Champion was seen welcoming Swift “Tour of eras” show at the Singapore National Stadium on March 8 during the international stage of his tour.

A fan account captured the Kansas City Chiefs tight end dancing while Swift performed a hit by “Reputation” during one of the six concerts she hosts on site.

“Travis Kelce and friends vibe to 'Look What You Made Me Do',” the post on X read.

Taylor Swift performs (Ashok Kumar/Getty Images)Taylor Swift performs (Ashok Kumar/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift performs (Ashok Kumar/Getty Images)

“Travis in his era of representation”, someone wrote on another post on X while Kelce sang “…Ready for this?”

“Travis Kelce at Taylor's fifth show in Singapore tonight!” another fan account captioned a photo by Kelce.

Another clip, allegedly after the show, captured Swift rushes into Kelce's arms to give him a hug and a kiss.

“YELLING,” a fan shared in response to the video on X.

"They're so endgame," another replied.

“She’s in love, she’s in love and it doesn’t matter who knows it!” a person posted.

Kelce's friend Harry Clark shared a video with her Instagram story on March 8, showing a tour bracelet, while listing its location as the National Stadium. He also posted a video of Swift singing on stage, captioning it by writing, “GO TAY TAY.”

Travis Kelce's friend Harry Clark shows off his bracelet while seeing Taylor Swift perform in Singapore.  (@_hcthegreat via Instagram)Travis Kelce's friend Harry Clark shows off his bracelet while seeing Taylor Swift perform in Singapore.  (@_hcthegreat via Instagram)

Travis Kelce's friend Harry Clark shows off his bracelet while seeing Taylor Swift perform in Singapore. (@_hcthegreat via Instagram)

The interpreter of “Cruel Summer” has a new meeting at the National Stadium on March 9 before returning to the international part of his tour on May 9 in Paris. It remains to be seen whether Kelce will accompany him.

Travis Kelce arrives in Singapore after his brother retires

Kelce's trip to Singapore is part of a busy travel schedule. Earlier this week he was in Philadelphia to support your brother, Jason Kelcewhen he announced his retirement of the NFL.

Travis Kelce heads to Australia with Taylor Swift

Last month, the superstar was with Swift on her tour took her to Australia. Before their concerts, the duo I went to Sydney Zoo. Kelce said it was a amazing experience.

“It’s a crazy adventure, but I’ll tell you this: Australia? I was not deceived. It was amazing there,” he said on the March 6 episode of the show Podcast “New Heights” he welcomes with his brother.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce (James Gourley / Shutterstock)Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce (James Gourley / Shutterstock)

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce (James Gourley / Shutterstock)

He also said the concerts there were something to see, comparing them to shows she gave in November in Argentina.

“Sydney did not disappoint,” he said. “I’m pretty sure the crowds there are – they’re already loud. Australians are rather turbulent. They like to have a good time. I like to have a good time.

“They were just a little louder than the Argentinian crowd. And I didn't expect that because Argentina was so loud, and they were, they were into it. And Sydney too. Taylor really enjoys performing in Australia because of the crowds there and the interest it generates. Thank you to Australia for its presence, its presence.

Travis Kelce sees Taylor Swift in Argentina

Kelce knows Argentina because he saw her perform in Buenos Aires, the first of three international trips he took to see Swift on her “Eras Tour.” She is infamous kissed him after a show which trigger a frenzy because the couple had not yet officially gone public their romance at this moment. Fast publicly discussed their relationship for the first time in December when Time magazine named it the Person of the Year.

During her November 11 show, Swift also changed the lyrics in “Karma” from “Karma is the guy on the screen/Coming straight to my house” to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs/Coming straight to my house” – something she also did it in Australia And still in Singapore.

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