Ford is raising the price of its entry-level F-150 Lightning by $5,000

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Ford's F-150 Lightning electric pickup was one of the few models to retain the full US tax credit of $7,500 for 2024, but much of that benefit is about to be reversed. The price of 2024 models is expected to increase from $49,995 to $54,995 (excluding shipping and incentives), while the next model, the XLT, will increase massively by $10,000 to $64,995, according to a report from The Detroit Free Press seen by The edge. The 2023 models will retain the same price.

Buyers considering higher-end versions of the F-150 Lightning are in luck, however. The Platinum model with an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles drops from $91,995 to $84,995, while the price of the Platinum Black (pictured above) drops $5,000 to $92,995. A full list of changes is shown below (excluding destination charges):

  • Pro (EPA estimated range of 240 miles): $5,000 increase from $49,995 to $54,995

  • XLT 311 A (EPA estimated range of 240 miles): $10,000 increase from $54,995 to $64,995

  • Flash (EPA estimated range of 320 miles): New “edgy” model with 300 miles of range for $73,495

  • Lariat (EPA estimated range of 320 miles): $2,000 increase from $77,495 to $79,495

  • Platinum (EPA estimated range of 300 miles): Price reduction of $7,000, from $91,995 to $84,995

  • Platinum Black (EPA estimated range of 300 miles): Price reduction of $5,000, from $97,995 to $92,995


Ford has added a new model called the F-150 Lightning Flash to the lineup (above), which includes “highly requested technology capabilities” like an extended-range battery with 320 miles of EPA-estimated range, driving hands-free highway driving BlueCruise. and a standard 15.5-inch touchscreen. » However, the automaker has completely discontinued two models from the lineup, namely the 240-mile range Lariat and the 320-mile range XLT 312. The 2024 models are not yet available on the Ford website.

Ford CEO Jim Farley recently said the company needs to reduce the number of Lightning models to improve quality. At the same time, the changes aim to improve “sales growth, profitability and customer access to IRA tax benefits,” a spokesperson said. CNBC News. “The F-150 Lightning is the best-selling electric pickup in the United States after a record fourth quarter, and demand continues to grow.”

While Tesla sold a registration number of electric vehicles in 2023, sales of Ford's electric offerings have been relatively weak, accounting for a $3.1 billion loss for the company last year. Ford was, however, one of the few automakers that managed to keep the full $7,500 tax credit for the F-150 Lightning, along with Tesla (across most of its lineup) and the Bolt EUV and EV from Chevrolet.

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