Galaxy S23: Users Think They Updated One UI 6.1 Digital Player Bug

Second, regarding various users of social networks and Samsung networks, update for One UI 6.1 found a bug for the digital reader of the two components of the line Galaxy S23.

Initial information indicates that the smartphone is running much more than before, while fast transport is limited.

However, the most irritating bug of the digital reader which should work normally, once you touch the switch button for the sensor to cling to the phone, but do not unlock the smartphone.

The relationships are also such that, for authentication to take place normally, the user must precisely touch the sensor a second time. In some cases, o smartphone sequer display digital playback animation.

However, Samsung has still not come forward to our official managers, but this bug is so irritating for the day.

This is because a user has precisely unlocked their smartphone on various occasions and this problem is “doing” an experience.

Anyway, most likely in Korea I have to start one bug fix in later updates.

Is your Galaxy S23 facing this bug? Tell us about your experiences here without comments.

(updated on April 3, 2024, at 02:46)

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