Gisele Bündchen cried over divorce from Tom Brady

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Apart from a few review profiles, Gisele Bundchen has been selective about how and when she talks about herself divorce from Mr. Americana himself, Tom Brady. Don't get me wrong: she seems to be doing just fine, judging by her alone. Costa Rica horseback riding with her ju-jitsu trainer and its shine appearance at the 2023 Met Gala, during which she transformed into a feathered and caped angel. But even though the former Victoria's Secret model has suggests Facing the devastation that followed her split from Brady in 2022, she didn't necessarily allow the public to see the depth of that emotion. That is, until Robin Roberts got involved.

Wednesday, according to has PeopleABC News abandoned a trailer for Bündchen's upcoming interview with Roberts, aptly titled IMPACT x Nightline: Gisele Bündchen: Climbing the mountain. In the video, Bündchen is shown sitting across from Roberts in a yard that could belong to either the fanciest farm I've ever seen or a wealthy commune. Roberts reminds Bündchen of the time she compared divorce to “the death of my dream”, then asks her how she is doing. And, like anyone who has ever been asked how they are doing in the middle of a crisis in which they are not doing so well, Bündchen begins to cry.

“Sorry guys, I didn't know… Can I have a moment?” » she said, turning away from the camera to compose herself.

Perhaps you can look at Bündchen on the podium and feel envious; you can watch Bündchen support the Patriots and feel confused; and you can watch Bündchen tour Costa Rica in a bikini with her personal jujitsu buddy and feeling a little horny. But you can't watch her cry without feeling anything. Other than seeing the model suffer from an extremely human breakdown, we learned absolutely nothing from the trailer. ABC News treated us to graphics screaming “RAW,” “OPEN” and “HONEST” that look like they were created on the 1985 version of Microsoft Paint, then topped off the teaser with Roberts asking Bündchen if she'd be able to do it. “open (one’s) heart to someone again. » Bündchen smiles. The trailer ends. At least the special airs Thursday on Hulu, so we won't have to wait as long to see if Bündchen actually climbs a mountain in Gisele Bündchen: climbing the mountain.

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