Google can open the buscador page powered by Inteligncia Artificial

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Can Google be considered launch a page version of your buscador powered by Artificial Intelligence. According to the Financial Times, this move for a premium insurance model may represent an abrupt change in our company's business.

Currently, the business giant's engineers do not use any “paywall” mechanism to secure this access among others “buscador avancedo com AI”. If users choose not to pay, they must continue using traditional Google.

In this case, the free buscador must also continue to show advertising between the search results, while you must not find a “premium” mechanism.

Além do buscador, or Google too need to insert this AI-powered search into Gmail and Docs for all users who pay to Assinatura One.

For many analysts consulted by FT, Google specifies numerous infrastructure resources to facilitate the Gemini function. Therefore, the advertising-based business model cannot be sufficient to manage the company's cash flow.

No, there is also a serious risk for Google's new “jogada”. This is why, in the case where the AI ​​answers very comprehensive questions, users can no longer view the sites and can therefore reduce the receipt of Google's own advertising, once a company has to send ads on the web with Google Ads.

Many publishers also believe that AI has just extracted information from their sites, when it wants to boost user visits and reduce revenue.

Do you comment, Google has not thought about launching the premium buscador.

We are not working or considering a fishing experience without any announcement. We have already done this several times before continuing to create new services and premium services to access our insurance offers in all things Google.

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