Honor deve lanar um anel inteligente em breve, confirma CEO

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A Honor is also expected to launch a smart channel no global clothing market. The information was shared by the company's CEO, George Zhao, during an interview with CNBC.

Secondly, the executive or device is already in advanced development, it can be announced in a short period.

Internally we have worked in this type of solution. We are now working on this place so that in the future you can be a smart man of Honor.

Because the executive did not provide more details about the garment, it is certain that it is sent built to match the Samsung Galaxy Ringwhich was announced na CMM 2024 I become buy on the market until the end of the year.

Zhao also suggests in an interview that Honor needs to use Artificial Intelligence to improve user health monitoring.

This equipment will work with AI-enabled applications to help the user follow medium-term professional training. The AI ​​should study its habits and health data for professional suggestions. This is why AI will transform this type of application.

Like other category people, the honor device should also support monitoring of heart beats, sound and blood oxygen levels (SpO2).

The company can also develop certain methods of supporting physical exercises, which are likely to be on their way to Brazil, once the company confirm that you need to launch your products on our market.

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