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Reposting Instagram Stories is the process of posting photos and videos posted by other people to their own social media accounts.

This is natural on Instagram as someone tags their username in whatever medium the sharing option is available in your direct messages.

On the other hand, Instagram adopted a new form of publishing stories in 2023, allowing the content to be as it is and exposing the authors in a collaboration format. It is precisely that the user does not touch the center of the phone at the time of sharing the story to use or recover.

Then you can repost other people's stories on Instagram and get your business.

1. Abra as DM on your Instagram

Use your Android cell phone or iPhone to open the Instagram app. Then you don't have a direct messages (DMs) icon, your song is above it directly, to see your conversations.

Screenshot of the Instagram app showing how to access the direct message (DM) area

2. Access a conversation with someone Marco has no history with

Access the conversation of someone who quoted you in an Instagram story. Next, tap the message with the “Add to your story” option to move forward.

Screenshots of the Instagram app displayed and added to a story with creditScreenshots of the Instagram app displayed and added to a story with credit

3. Toque na tela para repost o sa story em tela cheia no Instagram

Toque no centro do story to show the tale in such a way. It's a new social media format that allows for hassle-free collaboration on Instagram. The author's name will be set forth in the upper canto when writing on the subject after publication.

If you want, use it as ferramentas do Stories, no top song directly, to edit the content. It is possible to add texts, stickers, GIFs, avatars and other elements to post on social networks.

Instagram app screenshots show a story with mention in this postInstagram app screenshots show a story with mention in this post

4. Post another staff's story in your Instagram profile

Toque no botão blanco, no canto lower direito, to advance. Escolha enviar o story para allos os seus seguidores ou apenas para Amigos Próximos. Next, tap the blue “Compartir” button to finalize.

Screenshots of the Instagram app for posting a story with mentionScreenshots of the Instagram app for posting a story with mention

Why don't you want to repost a story on Instagram?

There are a few reasons that prevent your repost Stories make Instagram. The most common are:

  • The profile is not marked: it's precise marcar uma pessoa our stories on Instagram so that you can repost the content on your profile;
  • Disabled Stories Compartment: The people who post the content may be desired by the option of sharing stories among the following people;
  • Stories of close friends: it is not possible to post a story to the upcoming friends list, even if you have been tagged, in response to the format's privacy concerns;
  • Expired Stories: it is not possible to republish a story after 24 hours of publication;
  • Desaturated application: The version of the Instagram app installed on your phone may be old and incompatible with the tools for posting stories.

How to choose sharing Stories on Instagram?

You are active as sharing options between Stories and turn a photo in Stories into an Instagram feed post no menu for the rede social app. Go to your profile and your three-risk icon, at the top song directly, to see more options.

From this point on, we met the words “How we can interact with each other” and “Compartment and remix”. Then there are options “Allow posts and Reels to be shared in Stories” and “Allow Stories to be shared in Messages”.

Instagram app screenshots shown as activators or sharing StoriesInstagram app screenshots shown as activators or sharing Stories

Can you repost a story without being tagged on Instagram?

Instagram is unnatural for posting stories in which you are not tagged. An alternative Baixar o story on Instagram or make a print and then publish the content on your own content.

It is important to say that this practice is not recommended by Instagram. When you post content without permission from the creator, you may violate automatic rights and be penalized by social networks for photos and videos.

Should you republish Stories of Friends near Instagram?

It is not possible to republish Stories d'amigos in the near future while answering the confidentiality questions of the format. Lembrando that fazer story no instagram for friends, we are ready to send a post to a list of selected people by donating profile.

Is it possible to repost a story on Instagram on PC?

The web version of Instagram does not have the function of reposting stories directly through the browser. This is due to the fact that certain functionalities of the social network are limited on PC, exclusively on the application for Android and iPhone.

To post a story to Instagram on PC, you need to use third-party tools, like Hootsuite or Later. These platforms also offer other resources for managing Meta's social network content.

Can you share a story on Instagram and WhatsApp?

There are two forms of sharing stories on Instagram and WhatsApp status. You can use the “Share” option, by tapping the three dots icon in your story, to view a link that will be published in Meta's messages app.

Another way is to take advantage of your own Instagram story for the phone and post it as a WhatsApp status. So, you will have to share a photo or video with the passionate elements attracted by the social network.

Do you want to exclude a reposted story on Instagram?

Sim, dá para apagar Stories on Instagram reposted by you. Access the story in the social network application and do not touch the icon of the three bridges, no lower singing directly from the phone. Select the “Exclude” option and confirm the action by recently tapping “Exclude”.

Important : To carry out this action, you will only have to exclude the story reposted on your Instagram profile. The original post will continue for 24 hours without a profile of the person Marco previously had.

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