Jacob Elordi’s ‘Saltburn’ Bathtub Scene Inspires TikTok Cocktail | Entertainment

The “Saltburn” scene in which Oliver (Barry Keoghan) drinks Felix’s (Jacob Elordi) bath water inspired a cocktail. TikTok user @mr.consistent_'s “Bathtub Water Cocktail” video currently has over 1.7 million views and the caption reads, “You know why.” The concoction is made with lychee martini, gin and coconut milk (to make it look white and frothy). In addition to this “Saltburn” cocktail, you can now also purchase “Jacob Elordi's Bath Water” candles on Amazon and Etsy. When asked about the bathtub scene in an interview with Variety, Elordi said, “I was very proud of Barry swallowing it like that.” Keoghan was nominated for best actor at the 2024 Golden Globes for “Saltburn,” while Rosamund Pike is up for best supporting actress.

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