Kenyan Gospel DJ Mo and Singer Size 8 make public stand against LGBTQ

DJ Mo and Size 8, a Kenyan gospel music couple, recently stirred controversy after taking a public stand against the LGBTQ community. The couple, known for their conservative values and strong religious beliefs, posted a message on Instagram that sparked mixed reactions.

The post read, “We shall not be moved! We stand for God’s values, no matter what the world says. We say NO to homosexuality and other forms of perversion.” The post garnered praise from some users, while others criticized the couple for promoting discrimination and intolerance.

Despite the backlash, DJ Mo and Size 8 stood by their message, stating that they were merely upholding their religious beliefs and values. The couple is highly regarded in Kenya for their music and charitable work.

The controversy surrounding the couple’s post highlights the ongoing debate over LGBTQ rights in Kenya and other countries worldwide. While some countries have made strides in recognizing and protecting the rights of LGBTQ individuals, others continue to discriminate against and criminalize same-sex relationships.

The issue of LGBTQ rights is expected to remain a contentious one for years to come.

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