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An asset sharing platform Kotas carries out mass cancellation of groups used to access services like Netflix, Spotify, Max and Apple, among others. The action will take place in the last 24 hours, because we are aware of it. For this, the administrators are assured of the repercussions on the “clients” – or seja, but the people who participate and commit to entering our groups.

Benefits of Kotas in social networks cannot be sent recently in compliance with insurance. On the other hand, the comments are filled with desperate consumers, without knowing what is happening. We strive to contact our managers by Kotas via email and telephone when ordering today (day 04/04). This text will be updated in case the company comes forward.

Official press release by email

You have just received a communication sent by email. However, Kotas said the group's cancellation had to provide a “relevant commercial matter at that time.” A company based in Belo Horizonte must also understand the users. “We reaffirm our commitment by engaging our services and always expecting the best form. »

A message that means you don't have much money for assassins: “The group will focus on getting their next payment cycle to an end.” It is not explicit, for example, whether the decision is made in the event of violation of automatic rights, pirates or the use of protected names.

Fogo no parquinho

Print recovery site here with recovery information on Kotas
Consumers are waiting for food and drinks (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

The Kotas propose to bring together values ​​for the sharing of the most varied digital services. I have deals on lotteries that are popular streaming platforms, like Globoplay, Disney+ and Crunchyroll. A low saving of 80%, according to the official website.

Where as a bomb as between the administrators and between the pagantes. “Sou dono of various groups and all forums canceled. You're shouting them on another platform,” wrote one admin. Some people took part in Kotas's defense, claiming that “the platform is becoming or can be used to finance itself.”

Alternative solution

There is no need for Kotas followers to look for an alternative solution. At this time, administrators mobilize to create requested groups, which will be easier to continue offering streaming platforms. They leaked groups in Telegram, informing apenas or access ID.

The problem is that these companies are named after public groups. Even so, I'm sure private groups are also sent canceled.

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