Latest Headlines | Top 10: No. 1: Voters reject new taxes to fund an arts and entertainment center, library and rec facilities

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Editor's note: The Times-Call is counting down the top 10 news stories of the year, as chosen by the newspaper's editorial staff.

Longmont voters overwhelmingly rejected three ballot measures that would have funded an arts and entertainment center, a new library and recreation facilities during the Nov. 7 election.

None of the ballots received more than 35% of the total number of votes.

While the City Council supported all three ballot questions, the Longmont Chamber of Commerce opposed them, arguing that now, in particular, is not the right time to raise taxes.

Ballot Issue 3D, which would have authorized a tax increase to pay for an estimated $80 million for the arts and entertainment center, failed after receiving just 33% of the vote.

The Longmont Arts and Entertainment Alliance proposed raising $35 million to build the center, leaving taxpayers to foot the remaining $45 million.

Nowhere in Ballot Issue 3D is the location for the arts and entertainment center listed. However, proponents of the facility have made it clear that they want to see it in a shed in an old, abandoned sugar factory.

The Longmont City Council urged residents to vote on all three ballot questions, including 3C to pay for a new $25.7 million library.

The feasibility study noted that the existing 51,000-square-foot Longmont Public Library is designed to accommodate a population of up to 68,000 residents.

Today, about 100,000 people live in Longmont.

Residents, however, rejected ballot number 3C with 21,790 voting against a new branch library and 11,476 voting for one.

In addition to funding a new $72 million recreational facility at Dry Creek Community Park, Ballot 3E would allow the city to give $12 million and the Centennial Pool to the IMCA in exchange for the IMCA's existing property at 950 Lashley Street.

More than 22,700 residents voted against Ballot 3E, while less than 10,500 voted for it.

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